4 hours – Choosing the right customs form

Course contents:

  • Blank templates for  import and export
  • Single administrative document
  • Carnet ATA
  • EUR1, certificate of origin (ZU), ATR and more…

Aims of the course:

The participant will learn which import and export forms must be provided to customs authorities, what they look like and who creates and legalises the forms.

Certificate of origin, single administrative document, customs transit document, Garnet TIR, Garnet ATA, EUR1, Form A, D.V.1, ATR, surveillance document (ÜD), application for personal property and more: The participant will be able to successfully hand in the different documents to the appropriate authorities.

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4  hours from 16.30 h – 20.30 h – breaks included .
Seminar costs of € 105,00 include learning materials, beverages during the sessions.

Course date:

  • 13.05.2015
  • 25.11.2015

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