We support you from the application as AEO to the final audit and certification.

AEO status is given to entities which are deemed as particularly secure and reliable by customs authorities.  We support you during your application and until you are given AEO status by the customs authorities.

Types of AEO status:

  • AEO C “Customs Simplifcations”
  • AEO S “Security and Safety”
  • AEO F “Customs Simplifcations and Security and Safety”

The different types vary with regards to official requirements and benefits.


AEO status recognises companies as reliable and offers simplified customs procedures.

Our certificate number:

DE AEO F 102244

AEO status can be seen as a mark of quality and becomes more and more important to customers.

The aim is the continuous protection of international supply chains, from manufacturer to consumer.

Who can apply for AEO status?

Any entity involved in activities covered by customs legislation may apply for AEO status. AEO status is valid in every member state.


Companies must meet strict requirements with regards to reliability, solvency and following of security measures.

Advice and support

We offer advice and support on your way to achieving AEO status.


Request AEO Certification

Your Contact Person for AEO Certification:

Meike Schurig

Tel +49 (0)421 69000 800