Help With Certifications

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First-Class-Zollservice can assist in the successful development of your company.

We offer advice and accompany you throughout the certification process, which can open up many new possibilities for your company.

  • Expand your range of services (and increase turnover).
  • Reduce your dependency on external service providers.
  • Make use of simplified processes in the handling of a secure supply chain and at customs.

Attaining recognized certification will give you a competitive advantage and you present yourself as a professional company to customers, business partners and interested parties.

Important Certification for Logistic Companies:

First-Class-Zollservice has been working in and around Frankfurt International Airport with the secure supply chain since 1992 and, alongside any necessary education measures, offers assistance and accompanies you throughout the certification process.

The decision for a specific level of certification is preceded by extensive consultation

For many companies the process of certification is just a complicated labyrinth. Without the appropriate consultation in advance, costs and benefits of getting a certification are extremely difficult to calculate and judge.

We answer your questions in advance and help you to decide, if and how your company can benefit from certified accreditation.

Read more about your certification options:

Management Systems
We offer advice and support in the introduction and implementation and of ISO 9001 and ISO 28000 quality management and security systems. Further information…

Authorized Economic Operator AEO
We support you from the application process to certification. The status AEO offers simplification and increased speed in the customs clearance process of your cargo. Further information…

Regulated Agent and Recognized Consignor
The status of regulated agent or recognized consignor guarantees a secure supply chain. We can help you achieve the required status. Further information…