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We take care of the customs clearance of your consignments and achieve fast import or export of your goods.

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FIRST CLASS ZOLLSERVICE Ltd. offers a reliable and fast import and export service – seven days a week.

We specialise in air cargo and offer collection from and delivery to the airport.

Customs Clearance includes:

  • Export-handling, import-handling, customs clearance
  • Direct computer link to customs authorities, with release usually within 30 minutes
  • Online connection to customs authorities at Frankfurt Airport and to other authorities within Germany. Data is transmitted using the new ATLAS system and customs applications before presentation and clearance of your consignment during transport into Germany
  • Special customs processes, such as inward and outward processing
  • Trained staff to speed up the processing of your goods
  • Specialist advice on import and export licenses
  • Classification of products using the export control list and German customs tariff
  • Obtaining of import and export licences
  • Intrastat registration for EU-wide circulation
  • Expert advice on preferences, prohibitions, restrictions and tariffs
  • Customs control procedures
  • Temporary use, such as for trade fairs

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Your Contact Person for Import / Export / Customs

Steffen Eifert

Tel 06105 403 52 13

Steffen Eifert