Regulated Agent & Known Consignor

When dealing with airfreight consignments, the companies involved must comply with extensive and complicated security regulations. These are in place to guard against attacks on security in civil aviation.

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As a company involved directly in the supply chain (e.g. transport company, courier, express service, airline etc.) it is possible that you will require the status of recognized consignor or regulated agent in order to comply with legal specifications.

We offer advice and can help you attain each required status level.

Secure Delivery

In a secure supply chain, airfreight is only dealt with by „secure“ companies, known either as recognized consignors or regulated agents.

Recognized Consignor (RC / bV)

A recognized consignor is the first identifiable person to introduce an airfreight consignment to the transport supply chain. This refers to the person or entity where the airfreight consignments are selected or originate.

Only freight from a recognized consignor can be transported by a regulated agent as secure airfreight in passenger planes. Otherwise it is not possible to guarantee a secure supply chain.

You can have your company certified as a recognized consignor. In order to attain this status your personnel must undergo specific, legally required trainings and the rooms in which freight consignments and other goods are stored must be appropriately safeguarded.

Regulated Agent (RegB)

Regulated agents are companies which carry out security controls and/or cargo screening on airfreight consignments.

The status of a regulated agent allows you to deal with secure airfreight and transport or store goods without the consignment losing its secure status. In the event of „insecure“ consignments, the regulated agent, employing appropriately trained personnel and the required control techniques, can carry out screenings and alter the status from „insecure“ to „secure“.

The cargo screening process is designed to check that a consignment actually contains the goods declared and to ensure that no prohibited objects are handed in as airfreight.

In order to become a regulated agent you require an airfreight security program with a description of the security measures you have implemented, the appropriate trainings for your personnel and authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration.

How can your company achieve the status of recognized consignor or regulated agent?

The status is given by the Luftfahrtbundesamt (Federal Aviation Administration). In order to attain each status you will need to create a security program and your personnel must complete a range of specific trainings.

We offer advice and accompany you to the status of recognized consignor / regulated agent. You decide how much we do for you. You select our services based on your individual requirements.

The first meeting on-site at your premises is free of charge and without obligation!

We offer support with the following services on your way to becoming a recognized consignor or a regulated agent:

  • Developing security programs for recognized consignors (recognized consignors)
  • Developing airfreight security programs (regulated agent)
  • Germany-wide courses carried out by authorized trainers. Either as an open seminar or an in-house seminar exclusively for your company. Some topics are available as an online training.
  • Support in the implementation of legal requirements.
  • Preparation for the authorization audit by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • We accompany you through Federal Aviation Administration audits.
  • We carry out annual internal audits, including checklists, documentation and reporting.
  • We provide an external air safety advisor.

The first consultation in your company is free of charge and includes a viewing tour of your premises and subsequent advice on the next steps in the field of airfreight security.

We will be happy to arrange an initial consultation. Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or via the contact form.

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