Regulated Agent

Regulated Agents are officially certified entities who define cargo as ‘secure’ and ‘not secure’ before its delivery to an air carrier.  Regulated Agents make consignments safe by using official security measures, such as X-Ray equipment.

Who can apply to register as Regulated Agent?

  • Forwarding companies
  • Hauliers
  • Express courier services
  • Airports
  • Air carriers
  • Storage providers
  • Packers

Requirements for authorisation as Regulated Agent

  • Informal application to German aviation authorities (Luftfahrtbundesamt)
  • Create and submit air cargo security programme for authorisation
  • Nomination of security personnel

    • Security Manager
    • At least one Deputy Security Manager
    • One responsible person at each branch
  • Background check in accordance with German law (§ 7 LuftSiG) and training of security personnel
  • Work-related background check and training of personnel with access to identifiable air cargo.

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