Shipping & Cargo

Whether you are dispatching your own consignments or transporting cargo for customers – some aspects of transport are so complicated, time consuming and expensive that the best solution is simply to let us take care of things.

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We can look after the entire transport process for you – from start to finish. Alternatively, you can make use of our services in a part or parts of the process, which you maybe can’t carry out yourself so effectively.

Since 1992, First Class Zollservice has specialized in the professional handling of all matters in the field of cargo transport. Take advantage of our experience, our expertise and our optimized infrastructure.

We offer the following services for your cargo transports:

Cargo Screening We carry out legally required cargo screening on airfreight consignments. The service is available in 5 screening locations and we also operate a mobile screening station. Further information…

Import & Export We organize customs clearance for air and seafreight and ensure a quick and efficient import / export process for your cargo. Further information…

We can transport your goods / freight worldwide to its final destination. Within Germany we also provide a refrigerated truck service. Further information…