Info for website admins

Containers with a header pic need the CSS ID header. This will remove the left and right margin of the pic, so that the pic fills the full width of the sheet.

Containers with white background. There are 2 versions:

  • If you don’t add any additonal class, text color will be default setting from Avada, currently dark grey.
  • Containers with a class bg-white use green text color.

Containers with white background need a class bg-green to set text color to white.

Containers with grey background need a class bg-grey. This is mostly for hyperlink colors.


Header pics are LARGE, pics within content are MEDIUM.

Width of site 1100 px

2-col Layout Pages

Headerpic is full width with 1040 px x 426 px, ratio 2.35 : 1

Content col on 2/3 Pages is 690 px wide, Bilder max 690 px

Sidebar is 293 px

1-col Layout Pages, and single post pages

Column width with 1-col Layout is 620 px

2-col Layout Posts

Content width for post bei 589 px wenn Seitenspalte 28% wenn 85 px padding per css

Sidebar 291 px

1-col Layout Posts, similar to pages

Column width with 1-col Layout is 690 px <= equals headerwidth with 1-col pages


Dark Green & Light Green

#06673E #9DB19D

Container BG grey

Text on grey

Container BG green

Text on green

bg-grey {
color: #64666B;

bg-green {
color: #DCDCDD;

bg-white {
color: #06673E;

Contrast color blue

Contrast color red
Shades from darker to lighter
#86082E <= Main Menu
#A21D45 <= Hover on white background
#EB91AD <= Hover on green background