Info for website admins

Con­tain­ers with a head­er pic need the CSS ID head­er. This will remove the left and right mar­gin of the pic, so that the pic fills the full width of the sheet.

Con­tain­ers with white back­ground. There are 2 ver­sions:

  • If you don’t add any addi­ton­al class, text col­or will be default set­ting from Ava­da, cur­rent­ly dark grey.
  • Con­tain­ers with a class bg-white use green text col­or.

Con­tain­ers with white back­ground need a  class bg-green to set text col­or to white.

Con­tain­ers with grey back­ground need a class bg-grey. This is most­ly for hyper­link col­ors.


Head­er pics are LARGE, pics with­in con­tent are MEDIUM.

Width of site 1100 px

2-col Lay­out Pages

Head­er­pic is full width with 1040 px x 426 px, ratio 2.35 : 1

Con­tent col on 2/3 Pages is 690 px wide, Bilder max 690 px

Side­bar is 293 px

1-col Lay­out Pages, and sin­gle post pages

Col­umn width with 1-col Lay­out is 620 px

2-col Lay­out Posts

Con­tent width for post bei 589 px wenn Seit­enspalte 28% wenn 85 px padding per css

Side­bar 291 px

1-col Lay­out Posts, sim­i­lar to pages

Col­umn width with 1-col Lay­out is 690 px <= equals head­er­width with 1-col pages


Dark Green & Light Green

#06673E #9DB19D

Con­tain­er BG grey

Text on grey

Con­tain­er BG green

Text on green

bg-grey {
col­or: #64666B;

bg-green {
col­or: #DCDCDD;

bg-white {
col­or: #06673E;

Con­trast col­or blue

Con­trast col­or red
Shades from dark­er to lighter
#86082E <= Main Menu
#A21D45 <= Hov­er on white back­ground
#EB91AD <= Hov­er on green back­ground